Social Networking: A Community of Communities

November 11, 2008

I took the title of this post from Bud Hunt and his K-12online08 podcast “The Lie of Community: The True Nature of the Network” of October 31, 2008. Bud pointed out that there is not one online community, but a community of communities. You start following people with similar interests, then follow their followers until you’re all following the same people.

This phenomenon led Dennis Richard to aptly describe it as “the echo chamber that is Web 2.0”. (“There’s Something Going on Here You Need to Know About… “ by Dennis Richards and Charlene Chausis, K-12 Online08 Audio Channel, October 31, 2008)

This is me in my current online social networking community of communities: bubblus_social_networking

I used the free online tool to create the above graphic. I probably should have added more arrows to demonstrate how interconnected the above networking sites are, so please imagine a shifting, 3 dimensional web of connections between all of the above.

I’ve learned that it doesn’t really matter where we meet, chances are we’ll meet again so please join me in Facebook by following the link below – or click on my Twitter feed on the left sidebar and join me there. (More about my true feelings about Twitter in my next blog!)

facebook-imageFacebook me!

( CNET news reported November 3rd that Facebook membership surged to over 120 Million Users!120 million people can’t be all wrong!)

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