The Winnipeg Folksonomy Festival

In his blog post Taming the Beast: Social Bookmarking Will Richardson describes how Winnipeg calculus teacher Darren Kuropatwa has his students use a specific unconventional tag in Delicious – apcalc06 – so that each student can find each other’s bookmarks easily.

This reminded me of an unconventional use of tagging that I’ve started at our Adolescent Parent Centre School in their . I’m working with students who want to earn a volunteer credit to inventory all the books in their classrooms and mini-library in librarything and tagging them by the location so that they can be easily located within the school. As of today 803 items are added. (I wanted to put the widget here but unfortunately WordPress does not accept java script – Librarything is working on a compatable widget so please click the image above or here to visit the Adolescent Parent Centre librarything.) One thing I learned is that in order to sort them by location, the location had to be the first tag listed, and that it had to be added consistently – e.g. rm 18 OR rm18, but not some of each. Searchable fields include author, title and subjects that are often imported in via the ISBN # so I didn’t think it was that important to add other tags – but may decide to go back and have students add them in later. I really like the book suggester and the book unsuggester for the APC students and am anxious to have them use librarything in a lab setting to see whether they enjoy exploring librarything including looking at other’s tags others’ libraries.


One Response to The Winnipeg Folksonomy Festival

  1. Joanne de Groot says:

    Hi Rhonda,

    Thanks so much for your interesting comments on social bookmarking sites. I love your ideas for using these sites with kids in schools and I agree that we should make sure that all students have this tool in their virtual toolkits.

    I have to admit that I haven’t used diigo myself but have heard lots about it–another thing to check out when I have some free time!

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