Delicious or Diigo?

I’m content with my Delicious account and am even more now that I’ve realized what else it can do for me. Nevertheless I thought it was important to check out some of the other social bookmarking sites. I like the look and feel of Furl, and that it was recommended for educators. But it was Steve Hargadon’s personal endorsement in “Cool Tools: Best of Social Bookmarking” School Library Journal 12/1/2007 that peaked my interest in Diigo.

Check out my Diigo here or click on the Diigo Widget in the left sidebar of this blog. The first thing I noticed is that the widget automatically included a RSS feed button and some of my more frequent tags which is much more visually attractive.

Once logged into Diigo I was able to import all my bookmarks from Delicious. I was also able to install their toolbar for my browser easily. Diigo allows you to filter your bookmarks by your tags just as easily as Delicious, but one advantage is that it allows you to create lists based on tag searches. So I created a list of my bookmarks that I would share with just the English Team at my school.

The tools I appreciate the most  are the highlighting and sticky note tools. You can highlight text on a webpage and add a sticky note if you want that will persist in your bookmarks.

I like the slide show Diigo will create for those that want to have a visual scan of theirs or others’ bookmarks.

I also like the way Diigo will allow users to make actual bookmarks private, allowing one to keep private/personal and professional bookmarks in one account.

I can explore others bookmarks based on their tags just as easily as in Delicious. I’m still shy for a social bookmarker, and haven’t added any friends or groups yet. I think the best time to do this would be for a real collaborative purpose like lesson, unit or curriculum planning, but if for any reason someone else invites me as a friend, I’ll probably jump on the chance to experience how it works.

Now getting back to the original question; Delicious or Diigo? Sorry if it appears to be a cop-out, but I can’t make up my mind yet and I’m going to stick with both for awhile.


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