Delicious Lessons Learned

I’ve been using Delicious for 18 months now to collect bookmarks. Check out my delicious/mikisew. I’ve also added a link to it on the left column of this blog. I was happy with Delicious because I can access it from any computer with internet access at work or at home and can see the benefits for my students who travel between home, work and school(s). It took the Joanne’s trailfire and Will Richardson’s chapter 6 for me to realize what I was missing!

The Social Part of Social Bookmarking

I always noticed how many others had also bookmarked the same URLs, and I always took this as a sign of the sites’ reliability. It never once dawned on me to actually click on that number to see who else had bookmarked it. When I did I realized I could look at their bookmarks. There was one member named bookwyrmish whose bookmarks I looked at and for a minute I thought I was back at my own bookmarks. The entries were so freakishly alike that I got a chill. The next day I checked out bookwyrmish’s links again and he/she had added a whole bunch more that weren’t at all like mine but included many that I was interested in – so I decided we simply had similar interests and subscribed to his/her delicious bookmarks through my RSS feeds. I learned I could add this person to my network of people, but decided to stick with the RSS for now. I think it would be good to use the network feature when I’m working with a group of teachers collaborating on unit development or a lesson plan.

I used to think that you had to create a separate account in order to share some of my bookmarks with teaching teams at work. For example, I created a whole separate Delicious account to share some rubric and assessment tools with the English teachers last year. I just discovered that I could have just searched for those sites with a tag which creates a subset of my bookmarks, then shared that URL. For example here is the list when I search my bookmarks for those bookmarks tagged with web2.0  I can even narrow down further what I want to share with others by adding another tag to the search string – For instance if I added web2.0 and video tags : .

I’m still not using Delicious to its fullest potential, but I’m more likely to now when the need arises.


One Response to Delicious Lessons Learned

  1. bookwyrmish says:

    Rhonda, I’m now following you as part of my delicious network!

    It’s great for me to find another person working on finding the same kind of resources–especially for me as I’ve a rather rural location (cow fields, corn fields, more of that ilk) with limited internet access (phone line at school until this past February, believe it or not!). Last school year I’d had to take on a full-time “development” job in addition to my teaching hat. That’s done (whew), and I’ve gone and agreed to substitute teach for a co-worker from Nov thru Jan. The kids are great, but I am missing my library, and the time to keep up on this truly fast-changing web!

    So, thanks to you and other social bookmarkers, I probably won’t fall totally out of touch!

    ~Sue (Bookwyrmish)

    PS–I’m from rural Pennsylvania, normally teaching K-8 library/technology.

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