Yurting Photos

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Have you ever stayed in a yurt before? Are there yurts for rent in your part of the world?

In Manitoba they’re available at 5 provincial campgrounds for just over $40.00 night. My husband and I used to be great wilderness canoeist and campers and even though my husband is now suffering from deteriorating disc herniations and chronic pain, we can still get close to the earth in relative comfort.

Yurts are a Mongolian design; cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The ones we’ve stayed in for the past 3 years in the Nutimik Campground have a small electrical heater that keep them cozy and dry even in cool, damp weather.

Click on the photo to see more photos of our “yurting” days.


One Response to Yurting Photos

  1. Joanne de Groot says:

    Very cool…I have had other people from Manitoba talk about yurts, but had never seen a picture, so didn’t know what it was all about…I wonder if even I (a dedicated non-camper!!) could rough it in a yurt???

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